Dr. Xu Haidi,

Ph.D in Food Science, MBA. She has worked in the R&D Department of General Mills and Philips Research as food and nutrition scientist, responsible for new product development and technology innovation projects. Proficient in process management, strategic consulting and food development.

Areas of expertise:

- Srategic Management
- R&D Data Analysis
- Poject Management



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1,000 USD

China Imported Beef Data

update: 2020-05

Customs, P.R.China

MIG Reserach




Meat International Group

- 18.30%

- 13.33%

- 1,090,547

- 22,241



Mr. Miao Yang


Bachelor of Business Administration, worked for Terra Firma, the UK's second largest private equity fund and operated Australia's CPC Ranch to enter the Chinese market. He has more than 7 years of experience in importing meat in China.

Areas of expertise:

- Market Analysis

- Investment M&A

- Management Consulting

- Strategy Formulation

Mr. Liu Xiaofeng

He holds a master's degree and has worked in The Home Depot and General Mills, the world's top 500 companies. He has more than 50,000 tons of practical experience in global meat trade. He joined Meat International Group in 2012 and has rich experience in global beef trade, production and processing. experience. 

Areas of expertise:

- International Trade
- Process Management
- Marine
- Production and Processing Business
- Global Market Research
- International Market

Mr. Rafael Tardáguila
Consultant for South American market

Mr. Rafael Tardáguila is the director of Tardáguila Agromercados, Uruguayan firm that focuses in the analysis of agricultural markets, mainly beef. He is the editor of Faxcarne – World Beef Report, a weekly service regarding international beef markets. It is published in Spanish and English, with clients all around the world.
Mr. Tardáguila  is agronomist, graduated in the Universidad de la República de Uruguay. Works in the analysis of agricultural markets since 1991.

Simon Quilty
Consultant for North American/India market

Mr. Simon Quilty is a global beef independent analyst with over 30 years of industry experience and is proficient in global beef and US market research. Judging the global trade market has its own unique insights.

Areas of expertise:

- Market Analysis Data
- Analysis Market Research

Wang Tao

Master of Economics, worked for COFCO Trust and JD Finance. Experienced in supply chain finance business and capable of integrating supply chain projects. Focusing on the development of industry-finance integration solutions and industrial standardization capabilities.

Areas of expertise:
Industry-Finance Integration
Asset Management
Financial Integration
Industry Standardization