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China Imported Beef Data

update: 2020-05

Customs, P.R.China

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Meat International Group

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Meat International Group


We study the supply and demand relationship of imported beef in the Chinese market by mastering the supply data of major producing areas in the world and China's consumption data, combined with sensitive factors such as exchange rate/politics/country access/weather/business model etc, and provide market forecasting and risk management for customers.

Price Research

MIG holds the price of live cattle in major production areas around the world, the price of slaughter products, local prices and the prices of global plants exported to China. At the same time, MIG also knows the sales price of all beef products in China and has set a weekly updated MIG price index.

Through the analysis of volume and price, combined with MIG's forecast of China's supply and demand relationship, we provide price management for customers. This includes sales price management for export plants and purchase price management for large Chinese buyers.

Product Research

MIG understands the production patterns and standards of all major producing regions around the world, helping customers select the right products for their needs. This includes not only the selection of different parts of the beef, but also the options for their age, breed, feeding style and cutting method.

MIG is very knowledgeable about the applications and habits of Chinese customers in using these products, giving manufacturers better suggestions for improvement on cutting method or processing type and adding values to their products in terms of matching market needs accurately and supports pricing premium.

Supply Chain Research

MIG has its own unique channel to track the entire supply chain from slaughter to end customer, covering Shipping - Importers - Distributors - Factories - Retail / Catering - Consumers, providing customers with a tracking report of the entire chain.

Similarly, MIG can also reverse tracking from final products to their original source. This allows our customers to understand what process they are going through with their products, involving the price and profitability of each stage, and what changes have been experienced for the product.

MIG helps customers build up their complete supply chain, price management and cost control to ensure that customers' procurement efficiency is above the industry average.

Data Research

MIG has its own database of beef customers, which includes information on tens of thousands of distributors and end users in China. We understand the products, prices and usages they need and, by analyzing the data strategically, make judgement on the market current status and future trends.

At the same time, MIG also has the inventory, price and importer information of all imported beef in China,enabling to figure out China's market supply sector and price trend through above research.

Promotion Services

MIG provides stategic support for customers' procurement and sales through extensive data support and industry experience. At the same time, MIG's rich industry resources can also introduce high-quality suppliers and partners in the financial, logistics, trading, sales and other resources to allow customers’ business to land smoothly.