MIG Database and Research

Through continuous accumulation, MIG has possessed the most comprehensive database of imported beef industry in China. This database captures industry historical import information and covers key nodes of the industry from upstream to downstream. From price, supply and demand to the operating entity MIG can always retrieve the database information to support our research work.

The MIG database provides customers with unique market information and industry data so they can make the right decisions in the Chinese market. We can also provide strategic support in procurement, go2market and price optimization, in-depth analysis of changes in supply and demand, and help customers reduce risks and expand revenue in trade operations.

Market Performance Monitor

MIG has very rich networks and resources in the industry to help clients conduct in-depth research and collect effective market intelligence.

For exporters, we can provide very detailed feedback on the performance of exporters' products in the Chinese market. This can be considered as tracking their products with their specific performance on the export in China and end uses. According to this tracking report, customers are enabled to judge the specific problems encountered by their products in the Chinese market and the pitfalls that can be avoided.

For Chinese customers, MIG's global resources help customers choose more cost-effective upstream channels, and even further help customers reduce intermediate links and build more effective supply chains.

MIG price index

MIG has its own price tracking system, which records the price performance of various products in the Chinese market and forms a complete product price evaluation database.

Forecast the future market by analyzing the spot and futures prices of these products, combining supply-demand curve and MIG sensitivity analysis tools. The high standardization of imported beef has made it a bulk agricultural product in China, and the price index provided by MIG as an industry opinion leader is an important reference for the industry's main operators.

MIG can also provide customers with more customized analytical research services and detailed data support for price, helping customers make reasonable purchasing decisions.

Policy Research

According to MIG's experience, the beef trade is very sensitive to political and regulatory environment. Especially for China, MIG has a wealth of expert resources and policy research experience, aiming at analyzing and revealing the impact of various policies on beef trade.

Our policy research is not limited to the impact of global politics on the beef trade. We do more in-depth research on food safety policies, tax policies, national access policies and various industry-related guidelines of China CIQ to serve our clients in maximizing their benefits within the scope of the various policies.



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China Imported Beef Data

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